What is your roadmap?

Chronos Builder was released on December 5th 2022. Currently we are releasing monthly updates to cover the stretch goals alongside many new features and quality of life changes.

How many assets/textures are there in each environment?

Chronos Builder has close to 2000 assets you can place using the Item Editing Tool and we are releasing new ones regularly through patch updates! Additionally there are tens of nature props you can draw over the map using the Terrain Tool.

What environments and settings are available in Chronos Builder?

Currently you have the 4 vanilla Settings: Medieval, Victorian, Sci-Fi and Cyberpunk .Additionally there’s the recently added Eastern setting.

Each of the vanilla Settings comes with 4+ environments each, ranging from Apartment or Bar in the Cyberpunk setting to Cementery or Hamlet in the Victorian setting.

Can I mix environments?

Of course you can! You can have a mysterious Victorian hotel with a passageway leading to ancient medieval ruins… or, if you prefer, a derelict spaceship! Your creations will have no limit!

What is "Chronos Button"?

Good question! With the «Chronos Button» you can convert a map from one environment to another… in just one click! Turn your map from a medieval village into a space station, or a decrepit cyberpunk neighborhood in an instant!

Does that mean I can change ANY MAP from its initial environment?

That’s right! All maps (created by you or by the community) can be changed in any environment – you’ll never be short of «certain environment» maps again! Fantastic, isn’t it?

Does Chronos Builder support director view VS player view? (Secret doors, labels...)

Chronos Builder is focused on the map making aspect of roleplaying. Game director-player actions will be done through external apps such as VTTs.

What will be the maximum size of the maps?

In the current state of development, it reaches 50×50 squares but we have plans to extend it in the future.

Which VTT are you compatible with?

Currently with all of them ;). You can see on our website or on this Kickstarter page small videos about it (or you can download some free maps as well).

Can maps of more than one floor be generated in Chronos Builder?

This feature wasn’t unlocked in the Kickstarter campaign but we might revisit it in the future!

Will a hexagon grid be available in Chronos Builder?
Will be possible to export 3D models/maps?
How many assets/textures there are in each environment?
Is there a commercial license to sell maps?
Are there or will there be paid assets in Chronos Builder?

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