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Chronos Builder is the ultimate tool for creating tabletop role-playing game maps. Let Chronos Builder help you to create that map you have in your mind in a quick and, above all, very easy way. Because in your mind you are able to see all the details: the smoke from the chimney, the stains on the carpet, the marble bust… and Chronos Builder is the one that will allow you to bring it to life with the quality it deserves… without having to invest all your time!

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Kickstarter Campaign November 30 2021
05:00 PM CET | 08:00 AM PST

Chronos is the God of Time. And time is what it will save you with its automatic map generation.
Create entire maps or rooms of a specific theme. Let the magic of a God flow across your board!

Maybe the map doesn’t quite fit your idea? You can ask Chronos to spawn more rooms or vanish them from your sight!
Or order him to regenerate one of them, to give you more ideas on how to solve that particular point. Trust in the power of a God!

Turns out Chronos doesn’t know everything about worldbuilding… not as much as you!
You are the one in control. Adjust the map to your liking, move components, rotate, copy, paste or mercilessly delete them.
If you are the Deity who controls your world, your power will be unbound.

The location of the building is important – did you say the hotel was on the outskirts of town? Maybe the castle was on the edge of a cliff?
Destroy the earth or shape it, open the paths for water, add wet soil or grass, and plant trees… you can bend the environment to make your map perfect.

I see what you’re thinking. Let me try to guess: the building is spectacular, the location is unbeatable, but something is missing…
Add the day (or night) light of your choice, and mix in the weather effects as needed – do you need a dense fog, a sandstorm, or an inclement rain? Control the light and weather.

Finally, the layout of the map is perfect! You like it so much that you know you could use it in another environment, right?
Let nothing stop you! Use the «Chronos button» and change the environment with a simple click, give it your personal touch and you’ve turned a 19th century mansion into a spaceship or a modern dystopian anthro!

It’s time to appreciate your work! You’ve earned it, that’s a fact.
Play with cameras and views: top down (orthogonal), full3d (perspective), isometric or free view, none of them resist the will of Chronos.
Go from a simple map to something alive to evolve your game into an adventure.

Oh, we have the perfect map! But there’s always something missing, isn’t there? Some detail that inspires the real mystery we want to breathe into our adventure.
Chronos FX tools have you covered! Bring your map to life with fire, sparks, smoke or any other effect from our library.

Your map is too good! You know it and even Chronos himself knows it. Now you can upload it to the community and get a legion of fans – it’s only fair!
Log in to the Chronos community to share and download maps from other users. You can even preview them through the different environments avaliable. Adjust that tavern to a cyberpunk den…
Explore, get ideas, tweak, create and share.








Do you want to stay updated on the progress of our Chronos Builder tool? Subscribe to our newsletter and we will keep you informed of all the news.