Christmas Update!

Feb 10, 2023 | Update

Hello, fellow time travellers! On a day like today, the Chronos Builder Kickstarter ended. It’s been a year since then, look how far we’ve come! We are still evolving and we have some big plans for the future! Meanwhile, care to join us in this new update? No need to ask, of course you will!

1.- Main features: Export and Terraforming improvements

We promised it in last update and here it is! The old export system presented during the beta times has been reworked to reach higher standards. The image capture algorithm has been completely remade from scratch, now allowing real high resolution outputs and no more black dots! While exporting to a VTT file, now you can select the output quality measured by how many pixels you want each tile to have.  Additionaly, we added the feature to add spacing on the sides of the grid, for those who want to show off their terraforming skills. Another important change has been the addition of Undo/Redo commands to the Terrain Tool! This is something that we’ve been meaning to do for quite some time and was sorely needed…it just wasnt a top priority when compared to some of the bigger bugs we’ve faced. We read your pleas on the forums and we knew exactly how you felt! We too felt silly after trying to Undo some of our own terrain painting…only to then realize it wasnt yet implemented. Well thankfully we can now put those silly moments behind us!

Feeling more and more like the god of time now!!

2.- Bugfixing.

Bugs. There’s always more of them! Anyways, thanks to your constant feedback and a hammer of colossal proportions, we are crushing them as fast as we can. Will the day come when we are free of this plague? It sure will. You can read the patch notes at the bottom of this update!

3.- MAC version?

The MAC version is already a reality and we have been testing it at our studio…but its not ready for the public yet. We’re currently in the process of dealing with the required paperwork to publish a MAC build of our app. We’ll release it as soon as we’re allowed to!

4.- LINUX version?

The Linux version is almost operational at the moment, although it is giving us some performance problems (and some more or less controlled explosions). But, have no fear! We will have it as soon as possible… just a little bit more to go!

5.- Stretch Goals!! New environments!!

As you can see we dont stop! While programming is focusing on the polishing phase of developement, our art team has been working on the promised stretch goals! With this update you can finally make use of the new Hospital and Fishing Hamlet environments! Important to note: These arent avaliable yet in the autobuilder tool because we wanted to have them ready for the Christmas update as a little present to you! Worry not tho, it’ll be there in the next update.

6.- Custom assets

This is the last reward in place to be delivered (yahoo!). The customized assets. We have all the images you gave us and we are finishing the frames but it’ll take a little more! We have some plans for this reward… you will have the details after the vacations! 😉

7.- Vacations?

Yes! The team is taking some time off from our infested basement for the next two weeks to socialize and do those things that are accepted in society (to a greater or lesser extent). That means Chronos Builder developement will stop until the second week of January. Despite that, we’ll be operational here on Kickstarter, via e-mail and on Discord… we can’t be that long apart from you! —- Before we run out the door, we wanted to ask for your honest review on Steam. Also, any constructive criticism is always welcome and taken care of to the best of our ability. We sincerely hope you have a good end of the year and a better start of the next one. This 2022 has brought us Chronos Builder… what do you expect for 2023? 😉

8.- Patch Notes

Ver Additions:

  • Added Fishing Hamlet and Hospital environment assets!
  • Added spacing option to the VTT export menu to increase the range of the capture beyond the grid size.
  • Added “F” command to focus the camera on the selected items.
  • Added “Focus on selection” button to the taskbar.
  • While spawning an item:- Q/E commands will rotate the item whenever its on top of the grid.- Mouse scroll will rotate the item whenever its on top of the grid.- Camera works normally whenever the item is outside of the grid.
  • Added “Undo/Redo” commands to Terrain Tool actions, done through “Ctrl+Z” and “Ctrl+y”.- Compatible with “Enable/Disable” terrain- Compatible with biome changes.- Compatible with Texture paint actions. – Compatible with Terraform (raise, lower, level, smooth) actions. – Compatible with Liquid paint actions.


  • Fixed a bug that’d lock camera zoom commands if an item spawn action was cancelled.
  • Increased camera movement bounds on low heights.
  • “S” key will also cause a “pull back” effect on the camera after reaching the bounds. Similar to the zoom back effect.
  • Fixed a bug that’d rotate the camera 180º on its Y axis at certain points when zooming back at the max height.
  • Fixed Terraform “Raise” and “Lower” height modes to  that they are smoother.
  • Fixed terrain covering the floor tiles.
  • Fixed max view distance on Table top and Cenital views to allow for full map visibility.
  • Fixed terrain brush not adapting to the terrain height.
  • Fixed brush scale command interacting with Undo-action. Now brush commands wont trigger while holding the “Shift” key.
  1. Fixed Search tool options working correctly on the structure tool.
  • Fixed an error that prevented the Autobuilder tool from working correctly in the 1.0.4 version.
  • Fixed an error that prevented all biomes except “Graslands” from working in the 1.0.4 version.
  • Camera WASD movement works normally at all times while spawning an item.


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